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Know Your Value

Over the past few months I have been writing blogs and posting them on FB hoping that you could use them as a guide of some sort, to enable you to see your value - your true value. Not only in this life but in others also - maybe not only on this planet or dimension, these places of learning and expansion. Places where your value is respected and cherished. Where your presence is enjoyed by all other beings. Where each being’s energy intertwines with ones own energy - chi, to become a divine force of love, a love so powerful it binds all as one. We need to start this bond on the earth so we can accept it and understand and share it with other beings of the same heart. This place is our true home.

On this planet we begin to learn of the universal Way, it’s Law and it’s Will, which is how we, along with all the universes, expand into it’s never ending oneness. A oneness which had no beginning and has no end. The oneness of all things is the God. The more loving and peaceful we become, the more powerful and loving the God becomes . As we add our chi - love to the great expanse, all glow. So learn to shine, learn to give, learn to be kind, learn to love all things and learn to accept all.

In Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu when training, we give ourselves into the chi of the earth into the chi of the universe and to the chi of the outer universes, never taking from them, it is us that must give and share as it does.

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