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Spirit And Universe

Where are we in this universe? What is our place in it? What is our future in it? These questions have been asked many times over many generations.  If we ask these questions we have already separated ourselves from the divine energy.  We must view these questions in their entirety, as our energy, not separated by 'it' and 'us'.  We cannot be separated from it.  It is all sharing, all giving, all nurturing and all life giving. We are not just part of it, we are it and it is us.

To view it as a separate entity we are using the division of the egotistical mind.  The energies within the universe cannot be named or measured.  It cannot be held, for it holds everything.  It has always been there.  It had no beginning  and it will have no end; so in turn, if we are it and it is us we have no beginning and we will have no end.  We were there when this galaxy came into being through the divine guidance of the oneness.  This material universe, where we exist at present, is one of many and there will be many more through divine expansion and creation.

We do not have the right to destruct any part of this divine work, including the wilful damaging of human kind, who was given form through the divine oneness.  It's universal love is so great it never ceases giving.  It gives us free will in order that we can experience and be a part of creation as we have done for millenniums.  We are on this earth to teach this form and it's ego through the soul, the divine universal way.  It is because of this free will we have ego.  The mind and body need to learn that both are connected to the soul, so that the body, mind and soul will finally realise that it needs to cooperate with the heart.  So it's like this, the body and mind are connected to the soul where the heart is connected to the spirit.  The heart does not want or need to control the mind and soul.  But if the mind and soul wish to learn of the divine natural way it must share in this divine knowledge.  Because the mind and soul has ego, it needs to complicate things, so simple learning seems to be rejected.

This universal knowledge has been working in harmony for countless millenniums.  We need to jump on board with it.  We should not expect it to come to us and yet it has always been there waiting for us. Because the ego creates a barrier we find it hard to accept al of this.  We need to wake up and go to it. It does not want to control us, in fact it will set us free.

Learn to accept and create through the heart.  

Shared energy

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