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Be The Peace You Seek

To those who are suffering from hurt, anger, hate, revenge, brought on by cheating, lies, betrayal, gossip and other destructive powers, please hold onto your self respect. These are very powerful feelings and can have a great effect on not only your health, but also your life progress. Your development in spirit also can be affected. I, like many of you, have been visited by these negative ways.

I wanted to retaliate. Many years ago I would have lashed out at these people. I was reminded however, that if I wish to complete the task my grandmaster gave me (to bring the understanding of the dragon and all that goes with it), I need to change; to use the principle of acceptance as the Buddha taught us. These are trials for us to be challenged by. I was told to trust Karma and reminded of something I was told years ago. If you have problems with another, go to them and say, "whatever you believe I have done on you, I am heartily sorry, and whatever I believe you have done on me I heartily forgive." Please try this. Of course you will need courage. You will see both sides are winners, this can only make you strong. As for those who dare not, I was told this; "when a student betrays his teacher, heavens cry, but when a teacher betrays a student, hell smiles". This is Karma. Trust in the balance of the universes, trust in chi and the divine expansion, the divine law, the will and the way.

If we want peace then we must be peaceful. It starts with you!

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