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Mother Earth

Many ancient cultures view this earth as Mother and the sun as Father. To view both earth and sun as this we need to be on a different level of consciousness. We need to view all things as one, including us humans, but we view ourselves as separated. We most times feel we are the masters over the earth and because we have been to the moon, some feel we are masters over it too - so you see our ego goes beyond this earth!

Mother Earth feeds us and clothes us. She shelters us, nurtures us and makes it possible for us to breath. She produces oxygen through her seas and trees. As we breath in her oxygen, her trees breath our carbon dioxide. She gives us herbs to heal ourselves, water to quench our thirst, her chi energy adds to our chi energy. She is connected to the celestial rhythm as we are. She gives to us as our mothers do - without question. And yes we sometimes hurt her as we sometimes hurt our mothers. We neglect her, as sometimes we neglect our mothers. We take her for granted as sometimes we take our mothers for granted. We sometimes think they are both there for our use. We sometimes take from both, seldom giving. We kill other mother’s sons and daughters, as we kill mother earth. In the words of the great Lao-Tzu

“Fields where soldiers camp

Turn to thorn and bramble

And vast armies on the march

Leave years of misery behind”

Oh the earth reacts to us all

Mother Earth can rejoice or lament for us. Take care of her

Next blog about the Higher Self

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