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Mothers are 'The Way'

In my last message, I spoke of how we live with separation, or at least a feeling of separation. I pointed out 8 points of importance which are relevant to our existence on this dimension, or earth.

To begin to understand or gain a deeper view of life, we need to study the four which effect us directly. They are as follows:

  1. Higher self

  2. Earth

  3. Heart

  4. Mother

We will start with Mothers.

Mothers, with the creation, gave birth to us all. We received life inside her, in the divine womb or chalice which is connected to the matrix of all universal mothers. This in turn made it possible for us to experience human life on this earth and in this dimension, in the work of expansion. If we were to allow our mothers to teach us of love, compassion, kindness and acceptance the world would be a much better place! But because of our ego we tend to reject them. Maybe it is because they show us love, kindness and acceptance that we view them as weak. Our ego tells us that we know more than them. How utterly wrong we are. How arrogant can we really get!

Technology and science have brought us a long way, but it has also brought us further away from nature and The Way. Mothers are The Way, They work with The Way. They love, they are kind, they are compassion, they are nurturing - and most times they ask for nothing in return. They are The Way - The Law - The Matrix.

It is time to wake up!

Bless all loving mothers

Next blog will be about Mother Earth

Image by Dave Clements

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