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The Divine Feminine and Mother

Men can never understand how a woman feels when she bears a child. To have touched creation must be wonderful. A bond of complete love, both with the child and the universe. Not even the great prophets could imagine this love and bond. The love of a Mother is legendary and powerful.

When a loving Mother sees a child being hurt they feel it. Mothers all over the world understand when they see other mothers crying over a dead child, killed by grown men on the ground and in the air. Shame on them! The destruction of children is not war, it is murder! To see babies torn apart by their greedy wars is evil. We could have a peaceful world today or tomorrow if we stop fighting. The universal web of Motherhood also feels the Mother's pain as they are all one creation. All loving ones feel for one another through their bond of creation.

Because of this, I would ask all loving Mothers to teach their children to reject all violence. There is no such thing as small or large violence, there is just violence. Violence in sport is the elites way of teaching us to accept violence. We must wake up. We hurt one another. We kill one another. Now we are killing the earth and children. We can not leave this work to those on top. We must stop carrying their guns. Stop killing another Mother's son or daughter. We must stop fighting and competing. Kung Fu means stop fighting.

Work through the heart. If not for yourself, try for your children. The universal web of Motherhood is working for creation and the divine work of expansion. Why are we killing and destructing? We punch, we kick, we name call, we hurt - this is not the way.

We try to justify all of this by calling it sport - it is violence! Wake up. Stop Destructing. If you try first to be kind, then learn to love, this earth can someday be a heaven, with wonderful spiritual beings. It needs us to start this work. It's rewards are great.

Bless it be to all loving Mothers for they are our teachers and creators. Do like wise

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