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A Mother's Teachings - The Way To Peace

I believe that Mothers are the answer to our future peace on earth. They are the forgotten ones, the teachers we sometimes pretend to listen to - but seldom do. Mothers, along with creation brought us into this world yet we still tend to dismiss their views on many levels. Society dismisses them, government dismisses them while other organisations treat them without reverence and even as second class citizens.

What we have forgotten is that Mothers are our natural teachers and healers. They protected and nurtured us in the womb and they continue to be our teachers and healers when we are born. They have the healing powers that each child requires. This is a divine power, the same power that enables them to produce a whole person. This power was previously taken away from them e.g. if they could heal and had the knowledge of herbs for healing they were called witches. There were thousands burned at the stake mostly just because they were being themselves. Mothers are sometimes perceived like the old way we used to treat our children, to be seen and not heard! What loving mother would ever allow her child to go and hurt or kill another mother's child? Do you think they would ever send their child to war purposely? I know there are some that would, but they have already been brought into the war machine.

It is time for all Mother's out there to wake up to what they are. They are the creators and nurturers of life itself! Mothers, you need to take care of what you created. Inform yourself by learning about the energies of yourself and the universe. Study these energies, but most of all, study the energies and philosophies of your own heart. We all need to go back to nature, earthly and universal, and try to recall who and what you are. You can use this mantra if you wish as a gift - as a guide in your study.

From the light of creation I came,

From the light of the Heavens I came,

From the light of the universe I came,

From the light of the sun I came,

And within the light of this beautiful earth I exist.

We exist as human souls derived from spirit. Study this and ask yourself "what am I?" Try not to debate or discuss this with anyone else. YOU need to decide. You must do it on you own. So you can regain your own power. A power blessed by all of the universes and all of the lights.

Mothers wake up and shine on

The Universe Awaits YOU!

Mother and Child

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