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The Separation Of The Human Spirit

First separation

1. From the conscious universe

2. From the heavens

3. From the material universes

4. From the Mother

5. From our higher self

6. From our heart

7. From our earth

8. From our own divine consciousness

Understanding this is the beginning of knowing 'The Way'.

Within the universes there is the 'Law' or 'Way' - the will. A pulse or rhythm, vibration or frequency. The human being also has all of these principles. And likewise, if the universe were to vibrate on a different frequency, things would be very different indeed! So, in turn the human being needs to stay centred to the universal vibration governed by the law or the way - balance. The human needs to be in constant connection to the universal vibration.

"But how?" you may well ask. If we, as humans are to be part of this divine expansion, we must be in the same frame of mind as the conscious beings who are trying to guide us in this work. Ego is our greatest barrier. Our wants and desires are another. Each one of these negatives develops separation.

We live and exist in the family of creation, collectively - no person is an island.

Our understanding of life itself is clouded by our negative ways, to the point of killing each other through religious and political dogma. Both are driven by ego, power, wants, desires and greed. There is no love in this.


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