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Mindful Or Heartful?

Empowerments work not only for the positive but also for the negative, eg, if a greedy person satisfies their greed, they feel good. Banks and corporate companies feel powerful when they walk over some small companies. Religious groups, when controlling people, feel powerful. The soldier when killing feels power with someones life in their hands. Boxers in the ring feel powerful when they knock the other person out. Thousands of people at a football game, but only half will feel powerful when the other side loses. All of these may allow you to feel powerful but it is only at the expense of other people. This is not empowerment. This is destruction and disempowerment derived from the mind. True empowerment comes from the heart and vibrates through all the universes. This is how the divine universe expands - through the heart, not the mind.

Rather than saying be ‘mindful’ we should say be ‘heartfull'. The mind is full of all sorts of negative and positive aspects of the self. Try to meditate and you will find all kind of thoughts interfering. This is why the Buddha said, “if you want to fill the mind, you must first empty it”. Use the heart; this is the way. The word ‘Fu’ in Kung fu means that which comes from the heart. It also means quality. Learn to become heartful. No one can teach you about the heart. You know all you need to know. It holds all knowledge. It is the mind that blocks it by aggression and ego.

Open your hearts, the universe awaits.


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