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True mindfulness starts with your feet, not the mind. Study this!

To study this you start with the heart, not the mind.

Then you must decide, which mind you want to fill, the negative or the positive.

Mindfulness is not about where you are; or 'being in the moment'. It is about your inner self and your understanding and acceptance of the self at this time, so as to improve in the future, using the Law, the Will and the Way, as well as Acceptance, Kindness, and Compassion. These six principles are sacrosanct to your development and adding to the divine universal expansion.

We must learn to give of ourselves to the universe. Do not wait ’til you have passed over to do this. By starting now there will be no regrets on leaving this plane, you will have done your job well.

“Return is the movement of way, yielding is the method of way”. Lao Tzu

look at yourself

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