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The Empowerment of Kindness

It seems this world is dominated by unkindness - wars, corruption, selfishness, lies, power, greed, drugs, alcohol, materialisation. They most certainly are a factor and afflict a lot of lives, but if we did not see these things in newspapers, on tv, in films and other media, we would probably never see them on a large scale as we do. Don’t you think that if we choose not to be influenced or affected by them we would be much happier and content in this world. So why do we need this drama? Why do we like viewing violence on film and tv? Why do we like horror films? We seem to have an inner need to be frightened or scared. Some people create drama in their life to the point of destroying others lives. Are they creating some kind of power for themselves in a mundane existence? There lies and their false power create much misery. They have no kindness. They really believe that people who are kind are weak. They view kind ones as stupid or 'do gooders' as they call them. So then, what is kindness?

The Buddha once said, “to have kindness, you must first have acceptance, for unless you can accept you cannot be kind and unless you have compassion you cannot have acceptance.” The negative ones have none of the principles. They could if they wished but they choose not to. Now those of you who are kind, do not judge these negatives, for their biggest fear is you and your kindness. Please remember, we are here to learn and expand with the universe. View it like this - 'there but for the grace of God go I’ or 'do not point your finger at others, for there are three pointing back at you!' Kindness is an energy, a really powerful one at that! To understand this we need to study it. Where does it come from? What is it’s purpose? For this we must study the Yin Yang or the two that make one as I like to see it. I once asked for guidance with a problem I was having with someone I loved. I was told to go to this person and say; “whatever you believe I have done on you, I am truly and heartily sorry. And whatever I believe you have done on me, I truly and heartily forgive.” These wise and kind words are the most powerful kindness that I have experienced. I believe they could stop wars. Try this for yourself. They are kind and loving words. Speech empowered by universal love (Chi).

There are many kinds of energy e.g. anger has it’s own energy, hate has it’s own energy, jealousy has it’s own, we can recognise these negatives very well. Revenge can drive people to do the most horrendous things. But all of these are of the negative way. Kindness on the other hand has it’s own energy like when people are kind to a stranger on the street, someone they have never met, either by giving money to a beggar or helping someone after they have fallen; in the way people of all kinds come together during a disaster and pull together. You will find that the negatives are the first to hide! People are kind when the chips are down. All universes expand by sharing and giving, not through taking, destruction and greed. We must recognise that we all have this caring inside of us. To some it is deep inside. But know this, to have kindness, we must first of all practice acceptance and compassion, for without acceptance nothing can happen. If we cannot accept others how can we be kind? If we are bad tempered, how can we be kind? If we are angry or fearful, how can we be kind? We cannot be selfish, tell lies or be violent. Learn to recognise the positive way and the negative way. This earth we live on constantly gives to us. The sun and the universe give to us. We must learn to be the same - giving. Maybe this is what is meant by the saying, “as above, so below.” Being kind takes work. The energy of kindness is vast. We can either learn to distrust or to expand. One is of the mind. The other is of the heart.

We need to elect politicians of the same kind mind. We need leaders who live through their hearts. Who are not self serving. If leaders were kind they would take care of the old, the sick, the poor, but instead they bathe in their wealth. They believe most people are below them. Their lies create wars. It has been many, many generations since democracy came to being, but there are still sick, poor and wars. They get richer and richer. Their first qualification should be kindness to lead. And still the churches stay quiet. Each one of us must work at kindness so our children may build a new world. A world where lies and wars have no place. When we wake up in the morning and say to ourselves, “what can I do for others today?” instead of “what can I get?” "How can I help?" is a kinder way of living. Jesus said that the meek shall rule the world. Being meek does not mean weak, it means gentle. Maybe one day the kind people will lead the world where governments govern and not rule. Govern with kindness, compassion and acceptance of all of humanity. No borders, no flags, one anthem for all. Where we will join with the galactic universal kindness of oneness. Where no one has power over another. Be ready for this. You can start now. Be the power of one, be the one hand clapping. Let your heart guide you in all matters. Teach your children to teach theirs to stop fighting. You will see kindness all around you (once you stop looking at yourself), in doctors, nurses, firemen, children, parents, caregivers, teachers of all kinds, people on the street saying good morning/hello, holding a door open for someone is kindness and polite. Giving a seat up for an old person or others is kindness. I sometimes remember my father when he first brought me to the pub with him. I noticed when he would see an old man taking his time finishing his pint, he would most times leave the cost of a few pints with the barman when he was leaving. I remember back when we were delivering coal in the liberties, he would always give old people extra coal in their order. A silent kindness if you like. A heart of gold.

So ask yourself, now what is kindness? It is most certainly an energy but like all other energies it needs to be worked with. It is also about other people - caring for them, helping them heal, making sure they are alright, if you do these things, you will feel the love coming from it. A real honest love moving coming from you to them, something larger than caring. A bond with the universe and it’s creation. We are doing as it does - caring and creating with kindness. We must become more aware of this quality in us all. We must allow it to change our hearts for our good, the earths good and the good of the universe.

May the universe and creation bless all who do the work. Empower yourself with your own kindness.

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