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The Empowerment of Quality

The Empowerment of Quality - strange one you might think! You see this also goes back to the start of time, space, shape, any movement and even light itself. So, let’s say that when producing, measuring and calculating all that would have been required at the time (or before time if you like), was not of high quality, what I wonder would we have on our hands? Probably nothing nice I reckon. So we carry on, balance for example requires quality. When Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel he used quality. A surgeons skills with his knife needs to be of high quality. I’m sure you’ve experienced love of different levels; don’t we all strive for a love of high quality? The point I am trying to make is that quality is of utmost importance.

Quality needs to be dignified, noble and kind in the way we speak, the way we think, the way we express ourselves, the way we care for others, the way we listen, the way we train. In our kindness, in our compassion, in our generosity, in our love, in the way we try to grow, in the way we try to change, in our acceptance of others. In our politics and in our spirituality. So you see friends, quality in us is of great importance.

If we had high quality politicians, religious leaders, kings and queens, this earth would be at peace. But we never had these so it is up to each of us to achieve this for ourselves. The words 'Kung Fu’ mean that which comes from the heart. Use your hearts

Designers Cristian Ilies Vasile and Martin Krzywinski created the works of art depicting Pi as a circular rainbow

Image: Designers Cristian Ilies Vasile and Martin Krzywinski created this work of art depicting Pi as a circular rainbow

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