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The Way To True Knowledge

The way to true knowledge is learning through the heart. The heart is connected to the spirit, whereas the mind is connected to soul. The mind is most of the time confused as the soul is finding it's way on this earth, hampered by ego. It makes perfect sense to learn through the heart, for the heart and spirit know all the secrets of the universe, for they have always been there. Spirit was there at the so called Big Bang. It was there before the Big Bang. It has never died and never will die. Your spirit is you - as divine knowledge. Know this:

From the light of the creation you came

From the light of the heavens you came

From the light of the universe you came

From the light of our sun you came

and within the light of this earth you exist

... As human - Taking form with free will, 'will' being the law of the universe. The 'Will' = 'Creation' = 'Word' or vibration and frequency. So you are Word - Will - Creation. This knowing can only be accepted through the heart with all it's simplicity. You as spirit, as word, as will, must learn to shine.

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