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Mothers and The Interwoven Web of Love

There is a mantra that I use in our meditation that reminds me of all mothers. It goes as follows:

'From the light of Creation I came

From the light of the Heavens I came

From the light of the Universe I came

Through the light of our sun you came

And within the light of the earth I am'

If you study this, you will come to the conclusion that you are a creator, not 'the' creator but 'a' creator - creator of you. You, are creating you on this earth, a new soul guided by your spirit or higher self. This soul will one day become enlightened to become a new spirit and go on to create and expand through the spirit of Mothers and Mother Earth helped by Father sun.

All loving Mothers are connected to the universal Mother of life. Mothers across all universes are connected by an interwoven web of love. This is the oneness of creation, brought together by the Divine Love. Once in pregnancy by love, this web vibrates with loving joy.

The child which came from a loving home is already on the road to enlightenment. The love from a Mother of love can create itself, for it is creation.

Men would do well to respect the Divine Feminine. By this respect and male love, the new born child is born through the universal light. Loving Mothers know The Way and the Law of the Way. This knowing resonates through their very being. This can be recognised in their wisdom. They care unconditionally, they give unconditionally. Their very smile can heal fear, anger and illness. They accept nothing in return. They created you. They nurtured you, they fed you, they consoled you. Isn't this like Mother Earth? It does the same for each and every one of us without question or favour. Love manifested.

In this and recent blogs, I spoke about the power of Mother's Divine energy or Chi and how they are always connected to the Divine web of universal Mothers and creation for it is through them that all creation expands and excites. This beautiful fact has been taken away from them by church, state, royalty, media and by the elite who create wars for the their lust of power.

If we were to teach young girls of this, how different would our world be - without vanity, ego, or the exploitation of women. These negative energies have always been there to destruct. They are jealous of creation so they are busy destructing. Women must wake up to what they are. They are Divine Beings who work with the creation through love, so as to expand the universal consciousness of love itself. The nobility of the way. The nobility of self. The nobility of the heavens. The nobility of this earth. And the nobility of all universes.

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