Within the conscious universe, all enlightened beings from many universes and galaxies, bond together, and in so doing become at one with the 'Divine Oneness'.  This bond is never broken.  

On this plane we have many kinds of bonds; in business, friends, in-laws, f...

There will come a time when our material presence will be likened to consciousness.  When our thoughts and our very bodies become conscious.  When our material universal existence becomes conscious. This is our journey; when yin/yang become as one; embraced finally....

1. All the Heavens recognised unity and all became clear

2. Earth recognised unity as oneness

3. Universes and galaxies accept the oneness

4. Kings and Queens must accept the oneness

5. All humans need to accept the oneness of one another and the divine oneness

6. The heart...

The ‘will’ to create, the ‘way’ of that creation and the ‘law’ within the creation. The great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu wrote that “ten thousand things came into being on the first moment"

...how can we affect our chi through tai chi or kung fu? The original principle of both tai chi and kung fu is to create peace within ones self, and the final end, to create peace with earth and the cosmos.  A oneness not only of the human beings and spirit, but also o...

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