There is no greater power that love.  World power lords look for power through war.  They are very much misguided.  There is only one great divine power - love.  The words ‘Kung Fu’ means that which comes from the heart.  Use love to feel healthy and health will follow...

Being heartfelt is the way to oneness of all energies, for peace will only come when we all as one people live through our hearts.  Our acceptance, our kindness, our compassion, our courage, our healing and our oneness will create one more heavenly dimension.

We should ask ourselves which comes first, awareness or mindfulness? If you think about it, to be mindful you must first be aware of what you are being mindful of! ...Are we courageous enough to look at ourselves? Before we look at others or look at nature, we must fir...

...... Those of you who have courage need to lead and help others find the courage to build a world where these negative ones are not accepted in any manner.  We have all heard the saying “a brave new world,” well this is true.  Brave enough to have rid ourselves of li...

Maybe one day the kind people will lead the world where governments govern and not rule.  Govern with kindness, compassion and acceptance of all of humanity.  No borders, no flags, one anthem for all.  Where we will join with the galactic universal kindness of oneness....

Look at your ’self’ first...and have the foresight and courage to change .... And would we, after having accepted the principles, fight to protect them for others?  So you see, fighting with honour has many ways.  How much fight does a person having been told they have...

The Empowerment of Quality - strange one you might think! You see this also goes back to the start of time, space, shape, any movement and even light itself.  So, let’s say that when producing, measuring and calculating all that would have been required at the time (or...

What is the empowerment of movement?  This is somewhat complicated so we will take it one step at a time.  Before time, space and material existence, there was, and is, pure consciousness for all things to come into being - the fore-thought of movement was created, the...

The empowerment of speech is very powerful.  At first we should study the way other people speak.  Listen to the way they project themselves; are they the joker? Are they trying to dominate others by the way they speak? Are they using gossip?  Are they being truthful?...

To look at the self takes courage. They (Shaolin Buddhist Monks) found how to build courage within the movements and the meditation.

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