The Will is powerful, it is divine quality of nobility in it's intention, it is not selfish, it is expansion. Without Will, there is no creation.

It makes perfect sense to learn through the heart, for the heart and spirit know all the secrets of the universe, for they have always been there.

There is also body memory.  There is sensory perception.  There is past memory.  There is subconscious memory. Negative memory and positive memory.  Out of body memories. Spiritual memory - negative and positive.  Then we dream - negative and positive.

What of the wonderful entities thoughts of non-being could create this vast existence of Being?  Where, or how was it housed or stored?

Mothers, with the creation, gave birth to us all.  We received life inside her, in the divine womb or chalice which is connected to the matrix of all universal mothers. This in turn made it possible for us to experience human life on this earth and in this dimension, i...

Mother's nurture us, feed us, and even heal us. Their healing powers are legendary.  And in all fairness loving Fathers also play their role in all of this.....but it does hurt them, that you did not think of them and that you took them for granted....we also do th...

In Shaolin Kung Fu, Lung Ying Dragon Sign, which derives from the Taoist and Buddhist Temple in Southern China, there is one very important principle. This principle is the foundation of both Taoism and Buddhism; it is the practice of acceptance.  To learn of The Way i...

Men can never understand how a woman feels when she bears a child.  To have touched creation must be wonderful.  A bond of complete love, both with the child and the universe.  Not even the great profits could imagine this love and bond.  The love of a Mother is legend...

If you study this, you will come to the conclusion that you are a creator, not 'the' creator but 'a' creator - creator of you.  You, are creating you on this earth, a new soul guided by your spirit or higher self.  This soul will one day become enlighte...

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