The acceptance of a creative force or source can only bring us to a conclusion of an inherent acceptance of ourselves as being a part of the Divine itself.  If the Divine energy creates the great oneness of all things; physical beings, sentient beings, universes, dimen...

We come from Spirit, we shall return to Spirit, yet in between, we shy away from it, we deny it. We sometimes honour it, we sometimes betray it.

We do not fully understand it, we sometimes praise it, we can take it or leave it. Some profit from it, some create wars beca...

True mindfulness starts with your feet, not the mind.  Study this!

To study this you start with the heart, not the mind.

Then you must decide, which mind you want to fill, the negative or the positive.

Mindfulness is not about where you are; or 'being in the moment'.  It...

Over the past years, I have posted over 70 blogs to help you gain an understanding of the way of things on your road to becoming an enlightened human being. All of these blogs set out the path on how to become enlightened, or at least one way of reaching it; but as in...

To accept we need courage, kindness and compassion.  

To be kind we need acceptance.  To be compassionate we need acceptance.  To build courage we need acceptance.  For people of different race, colour or religious perception we need acceptance.  For one to gain underst...

The positive in us will achieve harmony.  There has been some very powerful achievers in the area of peace and harmony, but there has also been very powerful achievers in disharmony and destruction.  It is much easier to bond to the negative in us.  If you view all of...

To know of the self is a great gift.  To understand the self is knowledge.  To accept the self is being enlightened.  The true self can never be broken.  It shines on many universes.  The power of the self is infinite.  Rid yourself of ego, rid yourself of violence, ri...

If it is in this dimension that the true conscious universe, experiences manifestation - shape, movement, time and change coming into being by consciousness slowing down to the point of being, then we as it's manifestation truly need to be fully aware of all of thi...

We have, with our borders and flags, claimed her for ourselves.  We have dissected her to the point of cutting her heart out.  Yes, we are hurting her heart.  She gives us so much and we keep on taking and taking.  Killing each other and killing her.  The Buddha tried...

What is the Higher Self? For generations spiritual leaders have spoken about the Higher Self.  The Buddha, Muhammed, Jesus and many more all spoke of this.  But what is it to you?  How does it affect your life?

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