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There will come a time when our material presence will be likened to consciousness.  When our thoughts and our very bodies become conscious.  When our material universal existence becomes conscious. This is our journey; when yin/yang become as one; embraced finally....

1. All the Heavens recognised unity and all became clear

2. Earth recognised unity as oneness

3. Universes and galaxies accept the oneness

4. Kings and Queens must accept the oneness

5. All humans need to accept the oneness of one another and the divine oneness

6. The heart...

To become enlightened, we must first empower ourselves. By heightening our senses, which are our hearing, our sight, smell, taste, and touch, these five senses are the only windows we have into consciousness in this world. These are achieved by studying ourselves in al...

In my last blog I spoke of change and how it affects us.  The yin/yang teaches us that change consists of 2 opposites, some view it as negative and positive, but in reality it all one and not 2 parts.   It should be viewed in it’s entirety.  The symbol of the yin/yang...

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