The question has been asked as to what the universe is expanding into.  As if their is an edge to it or something!  Try thinking of the expansion as a continuation of the so called ‘Big Bang’.  We are all still in the process of the ‘Big Bang’, we are expanding or movi...

With the understanding and the acceptance of The Way, The Law and The Will of creation, the universe and universal consciousness combine within oneself.  The marrying of mind and heart within yourself, the marrying of oneself with the inner universe & the outer univers...

When the Heavens sang, all things came into being.  Shape manifested from the song, movement directed shape, together form came into being.

This was before being.

The ‘will’ to create, the ‘way’ of that creation and the ‘law’ within the creation. The great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu wrote that “ten thousand things came into being on the first moment"

Where are we in this universe? What is our place in it? What is our future in it? These questions have been asked many times over many generations.  If we ask these questions we have already separated ourselves from the divine energy.  We must view these questions in t...

To know of the self is a great gift.  To understand the self is knowledge.  To accept the self is being enlightened.  The true self can never be broken.  It shines on many universes.  The power of the self is infinite.  Rid yourself of ego, rid yourself of violence, ri...

True thought derived from consciousness. Shape derived from consciousness. Light derived from consciousness. Life derived from consciousness....

What of the wonderful entities thoughts of non-being could create this vast existence of Being?  Where, or how was it housed or stored?

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