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Most people in the western world would view the Dragon as being somewhat negative but in the east the Dragon is viewed as being benevolent, in eastern philosophy the Dragon is symbolic of a much greater spiritual understanding and held in great honour and esteem.

The Dr...

The principle of change is the only permanent thing in this universe!  The dragon is the director of change as all things are coming into shape there is constant change.  A tree does not look like a seed, an egg does not resemble the being it will become, this is chang...

Being heartfelt is the way to oneness of all energies, for peace will only come when we all as one people live through our hearts.  Our acceptance, our kindness, our compassion, our courage, our healing and our oneness will create one more heavenly dimension.

What is the empowerment of movement?  This is somewhat complicated so we will take it one step at a time.  Before time, space and material existence, there was, and is, pure consciousness for all things to come into being - the fore-thought of movement was created, the...

From the Law, the Way came into being.  The Way is in all things, it is vast.  All things that came into being depend on the way.  It guides all, but never rules over them.  It is the Way, but never the master.  It is vast, but has no name, so. never assumes mastery....

From the Will, the Law came into being. The Law is in all things. The law of expansion, the law of shape and the law of movement. The Law is the foundation of all things. the construction the Law must be in our hearts

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