To empower yourself by spirituality means that you would have tested yourself on all of your negative and positive principles.  To know yourself is priceless, to accept yourself is sacrosanct.  You must act and speak with universal love/chi.  All of your thoughts and a...

What is the empowerment of movement?  This is somewhat complicated so we will take it one step at a time.  Before time, space and material existence, there was, and is, pure consciousness for all things to come into being - the fore-thought of movement was created, the...

Is the air we breath, which gives us life any less a god?

In Shaolin Dragon Sign Kung Fu, we teach to protect others, or at least we intend to do so.  It is not to be used for demonstrations, boastfulness, arrogance or violence.  The Dragon Kung Fu movement enhances quality of all.  It builds co-ordination of the whole body,...

If your house is peaceful, then you should be peaceful with neighbours. If  your neighbour is peaceful, then your village is peaceful, then your town, then your city, then your country.  Now remind yourself, where did it all start? ....

If we were to be spiritually intelligent, before being academically intelligent, I wonder how would life be?  I wonder if we were to be kind through spirituality, how life would be I wonder if we were to love each other through spirit, how life would be .....

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