"Me, I, Myself, No 1. I want, I need, I must have, I will have, I will do anything to have, look at me! Listen to me, give to me, take care of me. I will destroy others to get what I want, I will betray others to get what I want, I will lie to get what I want, I will k...

To accept we need courage, kindness and compassion.  

To be kind we need acceptance.  To be compassionate we need acceptance.  To build courage we need acceptance.  For people of different race, colour or religious perception we need acceptance.  For one to gain underst...

...... Those of you who have courage need to lead and help others find the courage to build a world where these negative ones are not accepted in any manner.  We have all heard the saying “a brave new world,” well this is true.  Brave enough to have rid ourselves of li...

To know of the self is a great gift.  To understand the self is knowledge.  To accept the self is being enlightened.  The true self can never be broken.  It shines on many universes.  The power of the self is infinite.  Rid yourself of ego, rid yourself of violence, ri...

If you have problems with another, go to them and say, "whatever you believe I have done on you, I am heartily sorry, and whatever I believe you have done on me I heartily forgive." Trust in the balance of the universes...

I believe that Mothers are the answer to our future peace on earth.  They are the forgotten ones, the teachers we sometimes pretend to listen to but seldom do.  Mothers, along with creation brought us into this world and we still tend to dismiss their views.......What...

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