It is hard to breath with fear, with anger, with sadness, with anxiety, with loneliness, with depression, with pain be it physical or emotional, with hate.  Clearing the breath takes alot of effort and courage.  It is hard to become enlightened when your tears are putt...

With the understanding and the acceptance of The Way, The Law and The Will of creation, the universe and universal consciousness combine within oneself.  The marrying of mind and heart within yourself, the marrying of oneself with the inner universe & the outer univers...

1/ We should respect the Earth as a host and not as a servant

2/ The greatest thieves believe they are entitled to all things. This is also the greatest ego

3/ If you can experience silence in the noisiest of places, then you are silent

4/ If you first accept the Fu, then...

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May 8, 2018

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