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What is the fear of not knowing and the arrogance of knowing?

The fear of not knowing is showing ignorance, it can be seen in an angry face and in the face of dispossessed people. 

The arrogance of knowing can be seen in the highly educated people with no heart, no kindn...

From the Law, the Way came into being.  The Way is in all things, it is vast.  All things that came into being depend on the way.  It guides all, but never rules over them.  It is the Way, but never the master.  It is vast, but has no name, so. never assumes mastery....

The ‘will’ to create, the ‘way’ of that creation and the ‘law’ within the creation. The great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu wrote that “ten thousand things came into being on the first moment"

Know; not knowing is lofty. Not knowing; not knowing is affliction. A sage stays free of affliction ....

Before Chi, there was only divine consciousness. With divine consciousness came Chi through divine thought, then shape, then movement, then manifestation...

What of the wonderful entities thoughts of non-being could create this vast existence of Being?  Where, or how was it housed or stored?

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