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"Me, I, Myself, No 1. I want, I need, I must have, I will have, I will do anything to have, look at me! Listen to me, give to me, take care of me. I will destroy others to get what I want, I will betray others to get what I want, I will lie to get what I want, I will k...

To control people as governments, kings, queens and churches have been doing for generations, they need these things: Flags Borders Loyalty to them  Fear Study yourself and make the changes to take back your control

The road to becoming enlightened is covered with many obstacles.  These obstacles are addictive and blind us in many ways.  It may take many life times to finally convert to light.  Those who refuse, create so much hurt and heartbreak, so much division and so much pain...

We as human beings tend to view our earthly existence from a separate point of view.  This feeling of separation comes from firstly deciding to leave the spirit dominion to do our piece in the great work of expansion.

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