In Shaolin temples, students are taught of ‘Fu’, The word ‘Fu’ as in Kung Fu, has a number of meanings.  The first is that which comes from the heart.  This is the most important meaning, for the heart is our life source, the heart is the energy for the chi, air, water...

Most people in the western world would view the Dragon as being somewhat negative but in the east the Dragon is viewed as being benevolent, in eastern philosophy the Dragon is symbolic of a much greater spiritual understanding and held in great honour and esteem.

The Dr...

In my last blog I spoke of change and how it affects us.  The yin/yang teaches us that change consists of 2 opposites, some view it as negative and positive, but in reality it all one and not 2 parts.   It should be viewed in it’s entirety.  The symbol of the yin/yang...

The principle of change is the only permanent thing in this universe!  The dragon is the director of change as all things are coming into shape there is constant change.  A tree does not look like a seed, an egg does not resemble the being it will become, this is chang... can we affect our chi through tai chi or kung fu? The original principle of both tai chi and kung fu is to create peace within ones self, and the final end, to create peace with earth and the cosmos.  A oneness not only of the human beings and spirit, but also o...

Is the air we breath, which gives us life any less a god?

The study of one's heart in Shaolin Kung Fu is the most important study. Without these qualities, one can not be a Shaolin Warrior. Kung Fu means stop fighting

We have, with our borders and flags, claimed her for ourselves.  We have dissected her to the point of cutting her heart out.  Yes, we are hurting her heart.  She gives us so much and we keep on taking and taking.  Killing each other and killing her.  The Buddha tried...

What of the wonderful entities thoughts of non-being could create this vast existence of Being?  Where, or how was it housed or stored?

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