To be selfish is like being a black hole in space -  all things go inwards, there is no caring for others.  It does not matter what comes or goes, all is about you.  They take and never give of themselves.  They consider others who do give as stupid or being a fool.  T...

Probably the most famous case of treachery was that of Jesus by Judas.  In the case of war there is always the traitor, most times it is the weaker of the two sides where we find the traitor.  Lovers can betray each other, husbands and wives can also betray one another...

"Me, I, Myself, No 1. I want, I need, I must have, I will have, I will do anything to have, look at me! Listen to me, give to me, take care of me. I will destroy others to get what I want, I will betray others to get what I want, I will lie to get what I want, I will k...

The empowerment of quality can be seen in many ways – in dance, in arts of all kinds, in Tai Chi and Kung Fu. In fact, Fu means quality, or that which comes from the heart. 

High quality in our speech, in our body, in our mind, and in our movements.

Quality in the way we...

Over the past years, I have posted over 70 blogs to help you gain an understanding of the way of things on your road to becoming an enlightened human being. All of these blogs set out the path on how to become enlightened, or at least one way of reaching it; but as in...

The study of hate is something most students do not like doing, even to the point of hating it, seems contradictory in terms, don’t you think?

So why do we hate? 

Is it the same as dislike? Sometimes maybe. Let’s see, we hate the rain, we hate this sort of music, we hate...

There is a problem in our world and it seems to be getting worse.  It is said that if one can not see a problem, they most certainly won’t listen to the answer.  We have been conditioned to accept violence on tv, in films, books, games, contact sport etc.  In original...

So how can lies effect us as human beings?  All things exist through frequencies and vibration.  Creation is born into material and manifests itself by movement and shape.  This can only be done by positive chi or positive vibration.  When we lie, we warp the vibration...

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