As the heart is the receiver and the giver of life, then all healing must come from the heart.  

In Qi Gong we are taught of this:

From Creation, material life manifested through divine Chi. (Chi = life source)

Air, water, blood, material life driven by the heart.  The he...

To empower one’s movement you need to attain Chi – Divine Energy. 

To attain Chi you need to respect the body and not infect it with ego, violence, or aggression. 

All of original Shaolin Kung Fu movements were designed along with original Tai Chi to enhance the flow of...

To empower the body you must attain Chi – Divine Energy.

If this is so, then the body is secondary, yet the body is a carrier of the Chi.

It also carries the heart.

This is true.

Then we must respect the body that carries the Divine heart and Chi.

Do this and the Divine wil...

If we are to become as the earth is, then we must realise that we are the earth.  The earth, air, water and fire are not just for us to use (this is our arrogance at work).  If we are the earth and the earth is us then our shape and movement are part of this beautiful...

The study of one's heart in Shaolin Kung Fu is the most important study. Without these qualities, one can not be a Shaolin Warrior. Kung Fu means stop fighting

When we know the essence of light  When we know the essence of wisdom When we know the essence of chi  When we know the essence of hearts

I am a child of the conscious light, I am a child of the heavens, I am a child of our universe...become the light

When practicing Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Chi Gung (Qigong) give yourself to it and it will return to you. Chi is in our breatheChi is in our waterChi is in our earth

Before Chi, there was only divine consciousness. With divine consciousness came Chi through divine thought, then shape, then movement, then manifestation...

By: Directing the Chi - You pay, Using Chi without good cause - You pay, Using Chi to help rulers.....

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