To be selfish is like being a black hole in space -  all things go inwards, there is no caring for others.  It does not matter what comes or goes, all is about you.  They take and never give of themselves.  They consider others who do give as stupid or being a fool.  T...

What is the fear of not knowing and the arrogance of knowing?

The fear of not knowing is showing ignorance, it can be seen in an angry face and in the face of dispossessed people. 

The arrogance of knowing can be seen in the highly educated people with no heart, no kindn...

To defend without compassion is to become the aggressor.  True courage derives from compassion.  True leadership comes from compassion.  Generosity comes from compassion.  Caring and healing come from compassion.  Courage without compassion leads to war....

When the Heavens sang, all things came into being.  Shape manifested from the song, movement directed shape, together form came into being.

This was before being.

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