To become enlightened, we must first empower ourselves. By heightening our senses, which are our hearing, our sight, smell, taste, and touch, these five senses are the only windows we have into consciousness in this world. These are achieved by studying ourselves in al...

(The Empowerment of the Heart)

In Buddhism there are what is called 'The Five Empowerments':

1 – The Empowerment of the Body which is attaining the Chi

2 – The Empowerment of the Speech which is speaking from the heart

3 – The Empowerment of Movement which is understanding...

Most people in the western world would view the Dragon as being somewhat negative but in the east the Dragon is viewed as being benevolent, in eastern philosophy the Dragon is symbolic of a much greater spiritual understanding and held in great honour and esteem.

The Dr...

On the other side, once you learn to become open minded and have an open heart, all things become possible, the depth of knowledge is vast, the world and the Universe will be seen with fully open eyes, you will see other people in a different light.

When we say" in my mind" or "in my opinion," we reject others and their mind or their opinions.   This can lead to conflict and too often does.  We refuse to accept others, for this would mean that the others way of thinking is better than ours.  It would also mean tha...

There is a problem in our world and it seems to be getting worse.  It is said that if one can not see a problem, they most certainly won’t listen to the answer.  We have been conditioned to accept violence on tv, in films, books, games, contact sport etc.  In original...

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