When we die and pass over to the spiritual plain, we are taught in a more enlightened manner.  We perform this task many times until (if you like), they both are compatible with one another.  Your body and soul becomes more spirit-like and your spirit becomes more acce...

To know of the self is a great gift.  To understand the self is knowledge.  To accept the self is being enlightened.  The true self can never be broken.  It shines on many universes.  The power of the self is infinite.  Rid yourself of ego, rid yourself of violence, ri...

We are earthly beings and souls who struggle in this world at knowing who we are or what we are.  We are an exact copy of the universe.  Recent quantum physics discoveries show that our DNA is an exact replica of all the elements combined within the universe. We are th...

Is the air we breath, which gives us life any less a god?

In Shaolin Dragon Sign Kung Fu, we teach to protect others, or at least we intend to do so.  It is not to be used for demonstrations, boastfulness, arrogance or violence.  The Dragon Kung Fu movement enhances quality of all.  It builds co-ordination of the whole body,...

If you have problems with another, go to them and say, "whatever you believe I have done on you, I am heartily sorry, and whatever I believe you have done on me I heartily forgive." Trust in the balance of the universes...

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