If your house is peaceful, then you should be peaceful with neighbours. If  your neighbour is peaceful, then your village is peaceful, then your town, then your city, then your country.  Now remind yourself, where did it all start? ....

If we were to be spiritually intelligent, before being academically intelligent, I wonder how would life be?  I wonder if we were to be kind through spirituality, how life would be I wonder if we were to love each other through spirit, how life would be .....

In my last blog and mind map, it showed all of the negative side of the human condition.  It pointed out all that leads to destruction and suffering. But before I show you the positive side, there are a few facts we must keep in mind.  The Buddha discovered that all su...

To control people as governments, kings, queens and churches have been doing for generations, they need these things: Flags Borders Loyalty to them  Fear Study yourself and make the changes to take back your control

Violence on TV is on the increase. Our news sadly shows killings in many countries. But the programmes we watch for pleasure contain more graphic and frequent violent storylines. How can we ask for peace in a world where professional fighters are given hero status? Wh...

The study of one's heart in Shaolin Kung Fu is the most important study. Without these qualities, one can not be a Shaolin Warrior. Kung Fu means stop fighting

A true teacher nurtures and teaches The Way, The Law and The Will of things and the consciousness through the heart.

Know; not knowing is lofty. Not knowing; not knowing is affliction. A sage stays free of affliction ....

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