When we know the essence of light  When we know the essence of wisdom When we know the essence of chi  When we know the essence of hearts

If it is in this dimension that the true conscious universe, experiences manifestation - shape, movement, time and change coming into being by consciousness slowing down to the point of being, then we as it's manifestation truly need to be fully aware of all of thi...

We have, with our borders and flags, claimed her for ourselves.  We have dissected her to the point of cutting her heart out.  Yes, we are hurting her heart.  She gives us so much and we keep on taking and taking.  Killing each other and killing her.  The Buddha tried...

True thought derived from consciousness. Shape derived from consciousness. Light derived from consciousness. Life derived from consciousness....

I am a child of the conscious light, I am a child of the heavens, I am a child of our universe...become the light

When practicing Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Chi Gung (Qigong) give yourself to it and it will return to you. Chi is in our breatheChi is in our waterChi is in our earth

Before Chi, there was only divine consciousness. With divine consciousness came Chi through divine thought, then shape, then movement, then manifestation...

By: Directing the Chi - You pay, Using Chi without good cause - You pay, Using Chi to help rulers.....

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